Dining Out in Seoul: Mexican Food

The front of Taco Amigo

What to look for, the store front of Taco Amigo

Taco Amigo's menu:  offers all of the Mexican classics

Taco Amigo’s menu:
offers all of the Mexican classics

Mexico is a far far away country from Korea and literally worlds apart, but if you have the sudden urge for a taste of Mexico you can find a delicious Mexican meal in Seoul’s Itaewon district. I highly recommend you go for a bite to eat at Taco Amigo. The meals are affordable and they have something for everyone from carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans! Yes, they even cater to vegan customers! How to find Taco Amigo: (It is about a five minute walk away from Itaewon Exit 4). Once you walk outside from exit 4, turn around, so that you are walking down the hill and take your first right. Taco Amigo will be on your right-hand side.

A popular Mexican drink: Horchata

A popular Mexican drink: Horchata

The chicken burrito with a side of refried beans and hot sauce

The chicken burrito with a side of refried beans topped with chopped onion and cheese and hot sauce (don’t mind the bite already taken – I couldn’t resist the urge!).

I was first impressed with their menu when I saw that they had horchata. Horchata is sweetened milk with cinnamon that is a popular drink in Mexico. It was a little more sweet then I like, but definitely brought back memories from walking the streets in Mexico. To eat, I ordered the chicken burrito which was stuffed with rice, refried beans, chicken, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. It is lightly grilled and tasted delicious. They also have the burrito as a meal with a side of rice, refried beans, and chips. I didn’t have the meal, but I ordered a large side of guacamole to share with my friend which was 4,000 won. I happily spent 4,000 won for the guacamole because I LOVE avocados and with them being such a rarity and hard to find in the grocery stores it was a nice treat! The two friends that I shared lunch with are vegetarians and they really enjoyed the vegetarian burrito and taco meal. My friend ordered her vegetarian burrito extra spicy and her meal was cook with a lot of spice, but it did not take away from the flavours. All of our plates were empty and tummies full at the end of our meals.

When we arrived we were the only table there, but when we left the lunch crowd started to arrive and there was one open table. It seems that this is a popular place to go and eat and I highly recommend that you go and try Taco Amigo for yourself! With it’s sunny yellow walls decorated with artisan’s paintings and the table covered with a Mexican blanket, I hope that it will transport you to a quaint Mexican villa. Enjoy!

Inside Taco Amigo: the restaurant had one available table when we left

Inside Taco Amigo: the restaurant had one available table when we left

Affordable eating

Affordable eating: the total for three to eat and drink


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