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Winter has gone by, and spring has been creeping out slowly from its bed, so as to the spring flowers and warm weather. But, other than spring is here, do you know that there is a new shopping center in Seoul by Kolon Industries FnC, which is also a leading fashion business corporation in Korea?

Recently, it has become a hot topic among the locals, especially those who live, work or studying around Konkuk University. Immediately catching my attention when I first saw a post in Facebook, Common Ground is built by pilling up 200 shipping containers, no, you did not read it wrong, it’s built with those huge containers used in shipping and is definitely the nation’s first ever artistically designed shopping center.YOLO

Though this unique looking shopping center has been attracting a number of local visitors everyday, however I believe, it is yet to get any attention from oversea visitors as it was only opened to public on the 10th April 2015.

The so-called container building is painted in blue with a little touch of white for the logo, while the outlook of Common Ground gives you a thorough feeling as if you are in a Western country like Australia or in the US, unlike the usual ones you usually see in Korea.


With 56 fashion brand stores, 16 restaurants and 1 cultural space (for people to enjoy performances, concerts or exhibitions) situated inside Common Ground, it is said that the fashion brands being sold here are non-institutional and street brands and it will be focusing on discovering and fostering new small and medium sized company brands rather than those large brands that enters into famous department stores.

Photo by ms-photograph

Photo by ms-photograph

Despite being an eye catcher for its one-of-a-kind exterior, it is said that prices of the goods sold at the mall are relatively high and outlet spaces are slightly cramped.


To get there:

Konkuk University Station, Exit 6 (Line 2 or 7), walk about 3 minutes.

common ground map


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