Cheeky Kiwi: Bringing New Zealand’s Best to Seoul

In Seoul’s energetic and youth filled college neighborhood of Sinchon finding a bar is never a hard thing to achieve. Being in the vicinity of Yonsei University, Ewha Women’s University, and Seogang University, Sinchon has every reason to be a center of night life. The entire neighborhood is home to a plethora of diverse bars and eating establishments to cater to every taste.

In the middle of the many Korean bars and restaurants in Sinchon, lies a bar which immediately stands out–Cheeky Kiwi.

The Cheeky Kiwi
is a New Zealand style bar and grill which serves up some very unique foods and drinks. The bar is owned and run by Kiwi expat, Gerard Patena, and his fun and welcoming staff. On Friday and Saturday nights the joint is full of people, both Koreans and foreigners, enjoying the warm atmosphere offered by the Cheeky Kiwi.




The Cheeky Kiwi has brought the unique flavors of New Zealand to Seoul, offering unique tastes such as their hearty “Works Burger” which includes a huge juicy beef patty topped with crispy bacon, a whole egg-topped hash brown, and enough veggies and sauce to satisfy anyone’s appetite. Their fish and chips, which are extremely popular among Kiwis worldwide, are deliciously battered and golden brown, it’s hard to stop eating once you have a bite!


Above all, what caught my attention the most, and what might have contributed to my light hangover the next day, was their drinks!
The Cheeky Kiwi offers a variety of beers and spirits from New Zealand, including delicious craft brews from Monteith’s which are a great escape from the “bland” taste of local Korean beers (those are available too if you or your friends are a fan of them). Their most unique drink was a delicious and refreshing kiwi fruit cocktail served up in of of all things, a teakettle! The teakettle cocktail included my new addiction, 42 Below Feijoa-flavored vodka! Feijoa is a fruit unique to New Zealand which has a similar tropical taste akin to that of a Guava fruit.

Ready to take a day trip to New Zealand? Enjoy the Kiwiness at the Cheeky Kiwi in Sinchon!




From Sinchon Station, on Line 2 of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway take Exit #1. (Not to be confused with Sinchon Station of the Gyeongui Line)
Coming out from Exit #1 Continue walking straight and take the third right turn.
Continue walking straight, again until the third right turn.
A short distance later you’ll see the Cheeky Kiwi to your right on the second floor.


서울특별시 서대문구 창천동 57-16
(57-16 Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul)

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