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Working In The Korean Shipbuilding Industry: How Feasible Is It?

Working In The Korean Shipbuilding Industry: How Feasible Is It?

There was a time when shipbuilding was a synonym to Europe. The world has changed. The shipbuilding industry is no longer a domain of Europe. Even the biggest shipyards that remain in Europe are insignificant compared to the yards of Asia.

Shipbuilding Industry In Korea

Among the shipbuilding companies in the world, four of the top five are South Korean. The Hyundai Heavy Industries yard at Ulsan is the biggest in Korea, with smaller yards in other provinces around the country.

Up until a few years ago, shipbuilding was a booming industry, boasting the highest paying jobs and market shares in Korea.

Getting A Job In Shipbuilding

Korean shipbuilding industry offers jobs to foreigners as: Ship Building Welding Technician, Shipbuilding Engineer, Marine Engineering Engineer, Vessel Safety System Developer, Vessel Plumbing Construction Technician, Shipbuilding Construction Head Technician, Hull Construction Technician, TRIBON Ship Building Technician, Shipbuilding piping Construction Technician etc.


working in KoreaAs an Engineer you research, design and consult on the engine, body and superstructure of a ship. In addition, working as a Shipbuilding Construction Head Technician, Hull Construction Technician etc. you are also expected to plan and supervise development, construction,

maintenance and repair of various parts of the ship.

As a welding technician you will be responsible for manufacturing of nonferrous metals of shipbuilding and provide various kinds of welding techniques like Tig welding, CO2 welding, argon welding etc. as needed.


You need a Bachelors degree in the related field along with appropriate license and 2 years or more work experience in the affiliated area.

Salary, Visa Sponsorship And Other Benefits

west European workers in KoreaOver the past several years, the shipbuilding industry has seen a downfall and consequently the salary has gone down. The pay is still good but more on the average side.

The average salary is between 2.5 million KRW to 3.5 million KRW or higher depending on your qualifications, skills, work experience and the company you work for.

Other perks include company provided housing or dormitory, paid meals, pension and health insurance benefits.

The company will provide visa sponsorship and paperwork assistance for the candidates that are hired.

How To Find These Jobs

You can seek help from a recruitment agency. Also, check out the classified ads in local newspapers or jobs to find these jobs

Future Predicaments Of Korean Shipbuilding Industry

The worldwide recession has driven down the number of new shipbuilding orders and the three biggest Korean shipbuilders have suffered a deficit. Korea is also losing to China in price competitiveness.

Despite all this, the future of the Korean Shipbuilding industry is not bleak. According to the experts, the shipbuilding sector’s recession will end within the next five years as crude oil prices rebound.Shipbuilding Industry future predicament

Moreover, experts predict that with the new trend of environment-friendly ships, new specialty areas will open up. The advent of the ‘Green’ vessels will give Korean shipbuilding industry a fighting chance and provide a promising future.


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