Top 5 Korean Anju

In Korean, there is a special word (anju) for the kind of food you eat when you drink. The closest word for that would be snacks or side dishes. We all know that eating and drinking together will lead you to buying a bigger size pants. But, Koreans love eating anju when drinking. For instance, kitchens normally close around 9 or 10 when you go out to a bar. However, you can definitely get food until the place closes in Korea.

  1. Fried chicken and beer (chimek: 치맥)

Chimek is a combination of two words. Chi comes from chicken, and mek comes from mekju which means beer in Korean.

Top 5 Korean Anju

The top of any Anju list really

  1. Rice wine with Korean pancake (동동주 & 파전)

Koreans love drinking rice wine with Korean pancake on a rainy day.

Top 5 Korean Anju

A slice of Korean traditional food and alcohol

  1. Sweet and spicy chicken feet – Dak bal (닭발)

It is one of the ultimate famous anju for Koreans. One of the best Korean alcoholic beverages that would go with Dak bal is soju. Be careful because it is probably going to burn your mouth.

Top 5 Korean Anju

This is an actual Chickens foot!

  1. Fruits (과일)

As a go-to-snack for any occasion, it is one of the common snacks for drinking with any kind of alcohol.

Top 5 Korean Anju

Feeling Frutiy

  1. Dried squid (오징어)

It could be equivalent for beef jerky in South Korea. There are many different types: plain, chili-flavored, butter-flavored, etc. Some just prefer to eat dried squid with some Korean chili paste.

Top 5 Korean Anju

Quite delicious honestly

Top 5 Korean Anju

Another variety of Squid anju

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