Larva Themed Train in Seoul

I think Seoul has the best idea in capturing the hearts of its visitors. Ever since the implementation of “Tayo” buses project which gained a lot of attention from both foreigners and locals, or the young generation to the older generations, Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon has once again worked together with Seoul Metro, in a purpose to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the subway system which falls on the 30th October 2014, has finally decided to launch a so called “Larva” themed subway train in Seoul! Would you want to hop on this cute and loveablely designed train?

For those who aren’t familiar with Larva, it’s actually an animated comedy cartoon series made by Tuba Entertainment in Seoul, first aired in the year 2011 and now broadcasting its third season with a more improved animations, showcasing two larvae as its main characters and it seems to be getting quite popular among viewers of all ages throughout many countries in the world.


Starting from 1st of November 2014, there will be ONE (as of now) Larva themed train located on Line 2 (green line) which will start operating from 11.22am onwards with the first stop at Sindorim Station and towards City Hall Station. The Larva train will be on its run everyday, completing eight circuits each day and seven on national holidays and Sundays, with an interval of one and a half hours, except Wednesdays due to maintenance work.

This one of its kind train itself will be equipped with a 10-car subway that will be featuring images of the show’s two main characters, with three different larva-related themes in a single train.



However, I have seen a post regarding the train that will only run for two months at the moment, but have yet to get any further information from elsewhere. Anyhow, catch a ride with this train if you happened to be in Seoul this coming months, you will definitely want to get a glimpse of what it offers on the inside of the cabins!


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