Korean for the Work Place Part II : Workplace Related Words

We took a look at some good Korean to know for the employment process last week. Now this week, we’ll examine a few words related to the work place! These words will not only come in handy at work but also in conversation with other Korean speakers.

General Words Related to Work

1. Jik-jang or 직장

Your job or place of employment.

Though ‘회사’ (see below) is the word for company, ‘jik-jang’ is the more official term for where one’s job or place of employment is.

나는 새 직장을 얻었다.
I’ve taken a new job.

2. Hwe-sa or 회사

A company, firm, business, etc. You may often see signs or descriptions of certain businesses as “__회사”, to show that the business is a certain kind of company or corporation.

크리스는 무역 회사를 설립했다.

Chris has established a trading company.

3. Jik-eob or 직업

Your occupation or profession.

In conversation with strangers, you may often be asked what your jik-eob is, in which case s/he is asking what you do.

제 직업은 학교 선생님 입니다.
My occupation is a school teacher.


4. Jik-won or 직원

An employee or worker.

This word is often used to describe an employee or worker of a company.

저는 현재 에크미 회사 직원입니다.
I am currently an employee of ACME corporation.

Image source: http://blog.uplussme.com

Image source: http://blog.uplussme.com

5. Jik-wee or 직위

One’s position or authority in a work place.

This word is used to describe either the position rank or level of authority a person has within an organization.

산드라는 회사를​오래 다녀서 직위가 높다.

Sandra has worked at her company for a long time so she has a high position.


6. Chool-geun or 출근

To go to one’s office or work.

There’s not a direct equivalent of this word in English but chool-geun refers to the action of going into work.


Image source: http://flypo.tistory.com

이번 주는 토요일도 출근해야 한다.

I need to go to work on Saturday this week.

7. Tweh-geun or 퇴근

To get off of, or leave, one’s office or work for the day.

This is the opposite word of chool-geun and refers to when one completes his or her work day (it is not used to refer to someone leaving a company or quitting their work forever).

바쁜 하루를 보내서 오늘은 빨리 퇴근 하고 싶다.

Because it was such a busy day, I want to get off work quickly today.

Image source: sbscnbc.sbs.co.kr

Image source: sbscnbc.sbs.co.kr


8. Geun-moo or 근무

To work or be on duty.

This word refers to the action of working. You will also often hear it used with time (geun-moo-shi-gan) to describe one’s working hours.

오늘 금요일이라서 하루 종일 기분 좋게 근무했다.

I worked in quite a good mood today since it’s Friday.


9. Yah-geun or 야근

To work overtime.

With Korea being infamous for its culture of working long hours, yah-geun is a word you’re likely to hear quite often in Korea.

이번 주 일이 많아서 매일 야근했다.

I worked overtime everyday this week because of the amount of work.

10. Tweh-sa or 퇴사

To leave, quit, resign from one’s workplace.

This word is used when someone permanently exits from a company or workplace.

안과장은 건강 이유로 작년에 회사 퇴사하셨다.

Due to health reasons, Director Ahn left his company last year.

11. Seung-jin or 승진

To be promoted or move up in rank.

나는 꼭 올해 승진 하고 싶다.
I really want to be promoted this year.

12. Sa-moo-shil or 사무실

The actual physical office or workplace.

The office room or workplace room that employees work in is called the sa-moo-shil.

오늘은 사무실이 많이 조용하다.

The office is very quiet today.

13. Bal-lyeong or 발령
An appointment or assignment to a post or position.
You will often see this word used with ‘인사’ as in 인사발령 or in-sa-bal-lyeong to refer to a personnel appointment to a position or post that was made within the company.
지난 주 새로운 인사발령이 났다.
New personnel appointments were made last week.
14. Gae-pyeon or 개편
A restructuring, reorganization, reshuffling.
You will most often see this word as 조직개편 or joh-jik-gae-pyeon to refer to a company’s restructuring of its work and employees (such as the eliminating or absorbing of a company’s division).
올해 조직개편으로 나는 새로운 팀을 들어 가게됐다.
Because of our company’s reshuffling this year, I joined a new team.
15. Bon-sah or 본사
The headquarters (HQ) or head office of a company, or corporation.
Many large corporations and companies have a designated headquarters somewhere.
우리 회사 본사는 ​프랑스​에 있다.
Our company’s headquarter is located in France.
16. Ji-sah or 지사
A branch or another office of the main company and/or headquarter.
Most major companies have a number of ji-sah, which are the additional offices spun off from the main headquarter. This is particularly true for international companies or corporations that are operating an office in Korea.
우리 회사는 부산에 지사가 두군데 있다
Our company has two office branches in Busan.

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