Gochang Barley Field Festival 2015

Gochang Green Barley Field Festival has been going on for almost a month now, and if you have yet to see this lush green barley field, you still have some time before the event is over on the 10th May 2015.


Every April, this event is held among the beautiful green barley fields of Gochang-gun. Gochang Green Barley Field Festival is the most popular festival in this region and was visited by over 550,000 tourists in year 2008. The festival celebrates the region’s plentiful ‘barley’, and various activities has been prepared for visitors to take part in it such as making flutes out of barley and the most interesting one is searching for hidden treasures in the barley fields.


After a long walk in the fields, use this opportunity to visit the region’s other popular spots such as Seounsa Temple and Gochangeupseong Fortress.

Photo from Koreabridge

Photo from Koreabridge

Seonunsa Temple

Built during the Baekje Dynasty and was originally a very large temple, however much was lost during the Japanese invasion in 1597. Seonunsa Temple still preserved its treasured relics of Daeungbojeon, Manseru, Yeongsanjeon, and Myeongbujeon Pavilions, together with four additional Buddhist grottos that include Dosoram.

The Budo Field, a gathering place for monks’ relic is another must-see spot at Seonunsa Temple. You can also see Jinheung Cave and the huge Maaebul (rock-carved Buddha) when you visit the Dosoram area.

To get there:

From Gochang Intercity Bus Terminal, take a direct bus or a local bus to Seonunsa Temple.

From Gwangju U-Square Bus Terminal, take a direct bus to Seonunsa Temple.

Image from visitkorea

Image from visitkorea


Gochangeupseong Fortress

Gochangeupseong Fortress is a natural fortress built by civilians in 1453. A government office building of the Joseon era was then rebuilt within the walls. Visitors can see an example of Korea’s traditional fortress architecture while taking a stroll nearby and be mesmerized by the beautiful natural scenery.

From Gochang Bus Terminal, walk towards Gochang County Office for about 500m.
Cross the Gochanggyo Bridge. Gochangeupseong Fortress is 150m ahead.


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