The Dreamy Beauty of Ewha Womans University

The Dreamy Beauty of Ewha Womans University

Ewha Womans University (Korean: 이화 여자 대학교, Chinese: 梨花 女子 大 學校) is a private university for women locating in downtown Seoul, South Korea. Typically, Ewha Womans University only admits female students, with the exception of international male students participating in exchange programs and research programs of various fields.


As the largest women’s school in the world, Ewha Womans University was founded in 1886 by a female missionary – a Methodist (Methodist Episcopal) Mary F. Scranton USA.


“Ewha” is a Sino-Korean word means “pear flower”. The founder of Ewha thought that every woman in this community has values which deserve to be respected, so in English, they use the word “womans” (instead of using “women”). The word “womans” (female) is unique and has a special meaning.


Samsung auditorium

Ehwa Womans University is also one of the most famous universities in Korea, and many high-reputation women of Korea have graduated from here. 15 out of 32 female ministers of Korea (46.8%) and 17 out of 40 female members of national assembly of Korea graduated from Ewha Womens University (42.5%). Han Myeong-Suk (the first female prime minister of South Korea) and the First Lady Kim Yoon-Ok (the First Lady of Li Ming Bak president) also graduated from this school.


Library at Ewha Campus Complex

Having been established quite early, Ewha Womans University’s architecture shows a lot of unique features. It is the combination between modern architecture and ancient architecture.

‘Ewha Campus Complex’ (ECC) is the 4-storey underground building which is considered the largest underground in Korea. The building is regarded as a study –entertainment center including a large library, IT center, bookstore, gym, and even cinema, theater arts, numerous cafes with other cultural facilities in the floor below, along with classrooms, lecture halls and ecological park at the top.

Looking down from above, the school is like a huge hydrofoil. On the roof of the central building, there is a green park with shrubs and colorful flowers. Especially, the highlight of this school is the terraced roads that makes us feel like climbing mountain. Along the walkway planted so many flowers and trees creating a dreamy look just like a paradise on earth.

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