Busan Vagrance

Busan(부산) is one of those place I hold dear to my heart when I think of Korea. It’s got everything I want If I were to live here forever in Korea. Nice calm relaxing vibe to the city, people are chilled out and smiling, very friendly too. Beautiful sites and attractions and the food has a nice kick of spiciness to it. From the beautiful beaches of Haeundae and Gwangalli to the temple in the forest. It’s a tourist’s dream spot. If your a lover of raw fish. toy have jagalchi fish market, where you can buy fish straight of the boat. Yep, That fresh. Prepare to barter and haggle with the ajummas (Middle age Korean woman) at the market to get your hands on the eagerly sought fresh fish.

The Subway system isn’t as complex as Seoul, so getting around is much easier. With just 4 lines to navigate through, the confusion isn’t so mind blowing. The center of Busan is somyeon(서면). So if you are wondering place to visit or shop. Here is some suggestions for you.

  1. Gwangalli Beach(광안리) To me personally, this is my favorite spot in Busan, simply because you got these high rise buildings around the beach, while in the distance you have this huge bridge taking up the horizon but its not like you expect. It’s not noisy, it’s serene I find. Whenever I go to Busan, I always make it a point to go there. At nighttime especially, This place really stands out.
  2. Haeundae Beach (해운대해수욕장) This place is crazy packed in the summer for obvious reasons. It’s the place to be when in Busan over the summer. If your not there, then your not doing Busan! The water is beautiful, the mood is alive and everyone is trying to get that perfect tan. Right beside the beach you can find the aquarium, which is a better than advertised place to see.Busan Vagrance
  3. Haedong Younggungsa (해동 용궁사) This place is a superb find. A temple of the cliff where the waves crash constantly.Highly recommended, You will be taken back by the views and have a chance to pray to Buddha himself.
  4. Nampodong Street (남포동거리) This is Busan’s Myeongdong. Shops everywhere, Restaurants everywhere and All sorts of street food can be bought easily. The theater district of Busan is packed with movie theaters and play houses, hosts to the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). In the vicinity of Nampodong Street you can find Jagalchi Fish Market and Choryang Arcade for Foreigners. This well sought after area is flourishing with theaters also.

    Busan Vagrance

    Shopping and even a Yearly Movie Festival!

  5. Jagalchi Fish Market(자갈치시장) This is Korea’s Biggest fish market. Most of the people selling fish are older korean women. This market is famous throughout Korea and is commonly seen in Tourist books on Korea. There is Restaurants at the market where once you purchase the fresh fish, you can have it prepared and eat right away. You can also experience first hand about a Busan local’s lifestyle.

    Busan Vagrance

    The Largest Fish Market in Korea

Honestly if you come to Korea and have the time to travel around the country, Busan is well worth going to. You won’t regret it at all. Whether for a weekend or forever, you can be happy and also feel peace of mind in this wonderful place called home to some lucky Koreans.